Natalie had a full-time job, but baking was her true passion and she started a baking business on the side. However, she had a very modest marketing budget and didn’t have any design skills. Starting a new business is not easy, so she couldn’t focus all her energy on learning how to design her own social media images or hire a designer.

EasyVizzy gave her a chance to create high-quality images for her social media marketing without taking up her two most important resources – time and money. Not only is it free, but it is so simple that Natalie learned to use it in a minute.

Natalie can now easily take a quick photo of her famous cupcakes, resize the image to Instagram photo dimensions with a click, add a high-quality filter and engage her audience by effortlessly adding a cute quote on top it in a blink of an eye.

Building a strong social media presence for her small business has helped her to significantly increase her revenue and turn her hobby into a business. Talking about from passion to profession!


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