When you see a confident and happy person both in personal and professional life, who do you think of? We think of Tamara, the brand manager in international FMCG company. Her former experience in agency taught her how important digital advertising is for keeping modern business strategy and raise income in marketing segment.

Devoted both to her husband and two little kids, she knows how important her four team members are, and having them on her mind, and she always tries to find ways to optimize their work in-house, so they can be, as she says, “one happy corporative family”.

Though she, as a strategic thinker and perfectionist, wants to keep up her reputation of a forward thinker and a strong player in the company, the corporation doesn’t leave much room for the flexibility and innovation in developing her team for digital activities. Also, as a decision maker, she has a lack of time to focus on the small operational problems of her team, such as visual production that demands a lot of time.

But, when she heard from her industry colleagues that they use EasyVizzy for creative visual solutions, she thought: “Well, why do I need an agency when my team can “rock the boat” with their posts and ads? And, as long as I can help my team to optimize their day-to-day tasks, they are happy, and so am I.” When she presented her idea to the board, lack of flexibility and openness in the company suddenly disappeared, and the visual production basically became their strength that saved them a lot of costs of hiring an advertising agency.

Easy Vizzy really helped her team in establishing a modern visual online presence and made day-to-day tasks much easier, and that’s what’s she’s thankful for.


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