Marta is a freelance Social Media Manager handling multiple clients. She does their community management, social media advertising, copywriting, visual production – you name it. Since she is a one-man band, she lacks free time and wants to improve quality and efficiency of her work.

The current tool for visual editing she uses simply takes too long to open, resize the image to the right social media dimensions (which she needs to check for herself), find the right brand frame or logo on her computer, adjust and montage it and then wait for ages to export it.

She is aware that it will take her hours, days and maybe even months to fully master a new complicated design software. Besides the fact that time is money, she knows that the software itself will be also very expensive.

With the help of EasyVizzy, she doesn’t need a designer or to waste time and money on a complicated designer software. Now she can simply select the social media post format she desires, upload her visual, resize it, add a logo from her online logo library or upload an image to an already saved template for the specific brand.

EasyVizzy was everything she needed. In just a matter of clicks, she creates high-quality images for social media without any hassle. Marta can now save time, grow her client base and increase her income. Easy peasy!



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