We had a chat with Ivan, a Marketing designer in a growing digital agency. As a designer, he produces visuals for web and digital marketing. The main problem he faces in his day-to-day work is routine jobs that are killing his creativity and motivation for work. He had the opportunity to work on a lot of cool projects, but some of them were not challenging enough for him and required him to spend a lot of his time on dull tasks.

EasyVizzy’s library feature enabled him to save his pre-made visual templates and decrease his workload. To be honest, nobody likes making dozens of similar visuals in a slow photo-editing program. With this tool, he creates ready-to-go social media visuals which need minimum changes for new posts in record time.

Using EazyVizzy simplifies his routine tasks, leaving him space to focus on bigger projects and proactively work on his own passion projects. This complex-tool-free approach allowed him to optimise his work day and get more done without increasing his working hours.

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