Alex, self-taught freelance designer, has always had a great passion for design. Creative and curious, he is always on a lookout for new trends. Living in a bigger city has made him ambitious and hardworking freelancer, so instead of going out, he likes to sit in front of his computer and design different kind of digital marketing and web projects.

As most of his projects are social media creative solutions, he doesn’t have much free time to accept and work on the projects that are inspiring to him and more complex, which will help him to break his routine.

However, he has found a solution that will help him to be faster while doing repeatable projects. Easy Vizzy downsized his workload, so now he made a quicker working process for him while making much more room for new projects!

”When it comes to social media, I work on different kinds of dimensions for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram visuals, as well as Google banners. This takes a lot of time to create, and one additional iteration of change requests can make my schedule for other projects very tight. Now with Easy Vizzy, I have a satisfied client, I produce high-quality visuals, and above all – I’m satisfied with my work!”

He’s also really satisfied with the features that Easy Vizzy has. “I’m creating great visual solutions, keeping my clients happy, and – keeping a much bigger level of income with tons of free time to devote to the creative things I enjoy doing!”

We are very proud that we helped him with his personal and professional development! 🙂

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